4/5 Higher Consciousness Physiology

Most people have an awful life because they have awful posture.  Seriously think about that.  Next time you’re in Wal-Mart or on a busy street where there’s a lot of people look at the way most people stand.  This is because that our physiology They say if you want to change the world, you first have to change yourself.  This is why when you are sad and you find something funny about whatever is going on around you, you its hard to feel as mad about what you were previously angry about.

The saying fake it till you make it, goes hand in hand with physiology as well.  Encompassing these body language as if you are in the state you want to be in gives your brain the means to make the way you’re life situation congruent to what you are doing.   This has been seen time and time again by people who want to make money, people who want a grade in a class.  They first have the right physiology and then when they go after the goal at hand they are in the right frame of mind to accomplish what it is they want to accomplish.

For example, I had been wanting to write this blog for almost a year.  However my physiology did not match my goals.  I came across some information on this physiology topic and I soon found putting together blog article ideas.  This has been true through out my life without me being aware as well.  When it came to playing sports growing up, I am sure I had differing physiology when it came to competing against teams I knew we could beat and teams I knew would be a bit more challenging.  The memory what happened in those competitions went hand in hand to how I felt and probably how was physiologically during that time as well.

Positive people have the physiology of being open to the world.  This includes having a open chest, shoulders back, head forward and standing tall (yes, even if you’re 4 ft 🙂 ).  Even if you’re not in a good mood, doing these things will release chemicals in the brain to make you that positive confidant you want to be.

Physiology is very important to our mood.  Chairs are used to relieve the stress from standing all day, but it can hurt us at times.  We have all been in chairs since literally birth it makes our backs weaker which slouches us over.  A fix for this is the exercise superman’s.  This exercise requires laying down on the belly with the limbs extended.  Once the limbs are extended, attempt to the limbs.

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