3/5 Higher Consciousness week Praying/Meditation

People who prosper exhibit varying levels of higher consciousness; but still higher consciousness nonetheless.  With that said for the past 4 months I have went out of my way and am going out of my way to find the best material on this subject matter.  I have been reading many books and researching stories of people who have prospered one thing remains constant.  They all have very hectic lives and many decisions to make daily.  With all the constant movement and outside madness around these prosperous people, how in the world do they still have the ability to cut through all the noise and still produce results?  Varying forms of quiet and peace.  Praying and meditation have been mentioned by those who produce results that we aspire to have as well.

In Phil Jackson’s book Eleven Rings he mentions coaching the likes of the greatest athletes of all time in Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O’neal among others.  He also managed probably the most confrontational and wild personality in the NBA ever in Dennis Rodman.  Dennis Rodman, who had numerous media exploits involving partying the night before games, outrageous clothing /hair styles and the like.  You better believe these greats had egos.  These egos would have rattled most any other coach, but primarily because of this portion of Jackson’s daily routine he could manage these differing personalities.


Successful and famous CEO’s of multi-million dollar corporations have busy schedules as well, much busier than the admiring public can imagine.  Still, they block out 10-15 minutes a day to for this portion of their daily routine.  If these type of high profile people can do this, why cant we?  Its been proven to lower anxiety, depression and tension in the body all of which is not only beneficial to CEO’s who handle number crunching, people’s livelihoods, and big cash deals but it can help us out that much more.


I have been taught from a young age to pray, but it was not until recently that I understood how to.  I was always asking for something from God as opposed to really connecting with him and letting him refresh me.  I believe at a core level praying and meditation are essentially one in the same.  I recommend incorporating praying/meditation into your daily for inner peace and a more focused interpretation of whats going on outside of you. Do this for yourself and add it schedule and you will not be sorry.


You should definitely consider this portion of your life.  All though health can only take you so far with the nutrition and exercise.  Socializing can make for better time spent while we are here.  Adding 10-15 minutes of quiet and peace will be a complete game changer.

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