2/5 Higher Consciousness / Health

This week is Higher Consciousness week for my blog.  I am laying out findings in my research that have helped me.  Today I want to talk about health.  In health, nutrition in regards to how it helps you in day to day awareness and consciousness.  How you eat not only effects obvious functions of the body such as composition, cysts, cancers etc. but is directly related with how your brain functions.

Disclaimer: I am not a physician by any means. All of the information being stated here is just an overview of what I have personally experienced and what I have seen to be true to people close to me throughout the last couple of months of actually seeing what people eat and how they act once indulging in these foods.

Cant pay attention in class?  Feeling groggy in the middle of the day?  Are you eating food for the sheer activity of eating food?  This type of behavior is coming from a lower consciousness state.  You may not necessarily want to feel this, but it happens to the best of us.

Food, in a certain way of looking at it, drives us.  When you have a your dream car, which one day you hopefully will and you want to get from point A to point B, but you have no fuel what do you do?  Well we obviously go to the gas station, but next decision comes up:  What fuel should I use?  Hmm.. Lets think, How about 87 grade? Maybe the 89 grade petroleum?  If it is your dream car and you worked your ass off to get it in your drive way you would choose the highest grade available.  Why then when it comes to our bodies do we put 87 into it.

Life can be a complete mess because you constantly put cheap gas into the tank.  Your mileage sucks, you constantly have to stop for gas and if you’re really lucky you can even run out in the middle of nowhere.  In layman terms, what I am saying what you put in is what you get out of it.  Again, I am not a nutritionist by any aspect and I just a general gist about how nutrition works.  Saying that I think at a basic level we all know this truth, that is that real food is what each of us needs to be putting into our bodies.

Foods that our ancestors ate thousands of years ago is what the diet should consist.  Vegetables, fruits, berries, seeds and meats is generally what we need to get the most out of our bodies.  That is what the nomads eat and this is what our bodies are designed to digest.  If we digest other substances other than what was intended for us to eat then we get undesired effects.  The effects are the likes of obesity, cancers, skin diseases, irritation of intestine and most common decreased cognitive capability or in other words lower consciousness.


Statistics in modern society have found time again and again that the sufficent amount of amount of water needed for full functional body is 8 glasses a day.  Unfortunately most of us cannot take in this much water because of busy schedules.  Most of us walk around dehydrated and drinking water then causes, discomfort from actually being hydrated.

One solution as of late that I have used to “cheat” this water discomfort is eating fresh jalapenos.  These or other spices in my food and it instantly makes me need water because of the sensations of these types of foods.  Not to mention that the jalapenos give a great energy boost at times during the days when I am feeling groggy and they also clear up sinuses before the virus even fully settles in.


Lifting weights 3-4 times a week is proven to improve focus, sleep patterns as well as energy.  This spiel also burns calories more than any other form of exercise because of the constant pressure but on the  muscles.  I try to get my fair share in not only for health but specifically because I am now a competitive power lifter.  In any endeavor, healthy competition is something that sparks higher consciousness.


Cardio is essential as well.  This is something that should be done for respiratory health this is good for endurance.  Many celebrities and self help gurus go for this type of training because it trains discipline.  Will Smith once quoted “If I could only have two skills they would be one: to read, because there has been a lot of famous people who have came before me and who I can learn from and two: to run because it trains pushing your limits.”


We do live in the 21st century and maybe our ancestors would have had doughnuts and cheeseburgers if given then chance.  Life is about balance and I for one am not digesting a “perfect” diet currently, but it is much better than what I was digesting when I was not aware of the price to pay when not eating real foods.  Honestly, today in modern society, it is indeed harder to get access to the foods that our bodies need to function properly.  Food is a business now, in a over populated world creating cheap food for the masses comes at a price of poor quality and little nutrition.  In this case we can only do the best we can individually.  I do not suggest cold turkey this can lead to falling flat on your face because of such a quick change.  Losing the external stimulus of this addicting food substitute can sink you and make you never change your eating habits.

What I suggest is just implementing one item a day until you grow a taste for this real food.  This can be powerful because even if you never switch fully over to the “natural side” you can be ensured that you are still getting the necessary nutrients needed for a fully functional body.

Now you know! -“If you do not know its is a can’t, If you know and you do not apply then it is a wont”

Health is essential for higher consciousness.  It keeps the PFC (Pre-frontal Cortex) active and the rest of your body in balance.  It is possible to reach higher level thinking without it but it will be randomly, and out of the blue as opposed to activating this power at will and to your advantage.  Take health as you will

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