1/5 Higher Consciousness: Thinking Outside the Box

Higher Consciousness has a profound meaning to me.  My journey started a couple of years ago.  I was on my way to my barbers house and to get me a fresh cut like did regularly.  I rang the door bell and his wife answered.  She greeted me, let me in and told me to go sit in the living room and he would be right out to cut my hair.  This was normal to me.  But when my barber came out with a different vibe than usual.

On this specific day before cutting my hair, randomly, he asked me to envision a large box and then “open” it. Awkwardly and impatiently, I responded with an “OK” and half hardheartedly went on to do so.  He said “just do it, and then we’ll get to your hair in a minute”.  So again, he asked me to “Imagine a large box; with a slightly small box inside of it.  Inside of the second box there would be a smaller box inside of that one.”  So on and so forth until there was a box so small that I would need microscopic tweezers to hold the edges of the top of the box to open it.  I looked at him like he was crazy, but I still went on to do so.  I did this just to get my hair cut and go on with my day.

This was the first of many encounters that ended up like this. He came up with differing scenarios that challenged the everyday paradigms that I knew were “true”.  I knew that these thought processes where true because the thought patterns he mentioned seemed to be common sense.  This was a bit much for a 19 year old kid who just wanted a haircut.

He continually talked about things that made me feel belittled, weak and questioning everything I had learned.  The talks he gave me made me want to pursue another barber to get a haircut.  At the same token, each time I left, he left me with a gem that I had to figure out on my own.

He went on with this for a couple months until one day on the way to one of my haircuts something just clicked.  I went into getting a haircut at his house with an open mind.   Nothing this guy could say to me could effect my inner state.  His talks would last anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours.  Usually I would be ready to get out of the chair while he was talking and leave.  This day was different, this day my inner state was unshakable and anything he said would have no effect.  When he noticed I stopped reacting to him and his intense world views brought to life he then began to talk to me as an equal.

He was a high school graduate, if that.  I was a college kid who was on the way the path of societies narrative of being successful (becoming a college graduate)and yet some how he knew something most of us do not know, something of which I did not know at the time.  He knew how to think outside of the box.  (No pun intended).

This along with faith (which will be covered later) is the most powerful asset a person can have and yet its intangible.  Inherently we know this yet it is not brought to our attention on growing up.  Being able to critically assess situations through your own two eyes despite the story we’ve been fed is powerful.  This is not something that can be taught, but it is however, something that you can once becoming conscious of and can be built on from there.  This is something we can all learn an immense amount from, but we have to be willing first open up the lid of that first box.

SN: Most people just go through the motions in life and do exactly what they are told to do.  Doing this without any consideration that they are indeed a unique individual.  One should question: Could what the masses think be wrong?  It is a sad reality of the masses and this truth it is even harder for us to lift ourselves from.  My wish for you is to first become aware of you not having your own thought patterns and the rest fall in to place for you.

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