Intro to Higher Consciousness Week

Duality is what shapes the world.  For example light and dark, day and night, right and wrong etc.  So much of our lives we spend in turmoil because this simple truth is lost in all the noise.  I for one am no where close to higher consciousness as I would like to be, but for someone my age with some of the experiences I have come across as of late has made me do an unusual amount of research for someone who is never took a liking to regular schooling.  Some of the books, courses and material I have come across during this research spree has clearly made somethings click and gave me multiple aha moments.  I feel some of the insights that I have found can lead me on a direct road to where I want to be, with minimal BS.

During this next week I will be revealing tools that I have added to my daily, weekly and monthly routine that has already given me a significant upward trends in my life.  I won’t guarantee success, but its defiantly been a positive change for me personally.  These “upgrades” in my life weren’t necessarily big changes but they helped astronomically.  If these these tools can help one of you then I’ve done my job.  Tomorrow will be a list of a of Higher Consciousness topics and Monday will start this weeks trending topic for my blog!

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