Higher Consciousness topics being covered this week

This week is going to be the beginning of a mini series on self development.  These are ideals that I have found among numerous books, videos and audio programs that I have indulged in and helped me thus far.  I feel that some of the material I went over maybe helpful to you!


  • How what you eat influences your state of consciousness and how to have it work in your favor.
  • Types of foods that are beneficial to higher level thinking and functionality.
  • Exercises you should be doing that benefit you most in everyday functionality.
  • How to increase energy with more potent sleep.

Goal Setting:

  • How to handle overwhelming goals.
  • How to become your best mediator and critically assess your own skills in a useful manner.
  • How to handily accomplish tasks despite drawing the “short stick”.

Stretching Boundaries:

  • Tools that help break comfort for building a better direction in life.
  • How what was hurting you could potentially help break plateaus.

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