In the movie Food Inc. a documentary about the uncovered truths about the food industry there is some grotesque facts that I wish I could go back and not watch.  However there was one harsh truth about the animals that I wish to discuss today and I hope you can see how it has relevance to us all.

The food industry is one of the most profitable industries in the world.  The food industry is now owned by 4 major corporations that factory farm their “products”.  Factory farmed chicken’s in particular have a unique product life as opposed to a naturally bred chicken.

The life of a naturally raised chicken consists of being around other healthy chicken, eating natural foods chicken would eat, having a comfortable area for walking and laying down.  The growth process in a natural chicken takes about 90 days from the day it hatches to grow into a product that is ready to be slain and sold.  This is the glorious life of a chicken.

The factory chicken lives a much different life.  After the chicks are hatched out of the eggs they are stamped with a product number on their body.  They are then put into a coup where they are then injected with hormones that have them produce more breast meat than any other part of their body in about 45 days.  This doubling of muscle growth with half the time has negative effects on the quality of life the chicken has.

The living arrangements for a factory farmed chicken in the first place consists of a overcrowded unsanitary mess.  Because these chickens have had little time to grow their bones as quickly as their muscles, their legs at times snap or develop irregularly. This causes them to unfortunately be lower to the ground most of the time which is covered with feces, dust and feathers.  This film of filth is what I like to call the


As we are all on our own path for ideal lives and achieving what we want out of life, we must understand that there are no short cuts or fast lanes to success.  It is built up of your “90 days” as opposed to over night.  I know we have all experienced tremendous amounts of stress because we want to be at point B while we are still in point A.  Before we to get to be at point B we must go to A.A, A.B, A.C etc. and eventually we get there.  Point is don’t try to hormonally enhance for faster growth, instead enjoy your natural growth and all the processes that come with it so that you can stay above the feces infested, dusty, feathery floor.

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