All men =

All men are created equal.  All men are indeed created equal but we do not finish equal.  I truly believe that we are capable of doing anything that the greats did.  Martin Luther King, Gandhi, JFK they are all cut from the same cloth that we are.  With a world with almost 7.4 billion people and counting, why is it that only a minuscule amount of us do something noteworthy?  There is two main reason I believe this happens.  One is group-think and the other is complacency.  

Group-think is when you are abide by society’s standards and trends without using your own brain to diagnose what is actually going on through your own experience.  I am not saying to be a rebel or to make uneducated choices solely because you want to go against group-think.  Group-think in most respects benefits us.  It keeps us on good social footing, keeping away from bad experiences and toward ways of life that can be beneficial.  However, the all of the ideologies in group-think are not applicable to me, you or anybody.  Its beneficial only to the group.  Understand what is being communicated for the masses and if it the message being conveyed is applicable to you follow, if not act accordingly.

Complacency is something what I see a lot where I come from.  This can tie back into group-think into group think.  Complacency comes from being satisfied with where you are and or not being motivated enough to take action to get to that end goal that you want.  This is obviously not ideal, none want this for themselves or their loved ones but this is a very real “ending” for most of us.


The cure from a lower consciousness point of view would be motivation or some exciting stimulus such as watching something that really gets you excited or replaying something that gets you in that state of mind that got you excited initially for the end goal that you had.

A cure that I would personally prescribe and that is currently working for me is setting up your life so that you are continually in a domineering state.  For example start small in early in your day with something you can do consistently that will make you feel good.  Dominating is dominating so start small and work up to the big.  Something as simple as taking vitamins and doing power poses will do wonders.  Then you can work on intermediate tasks like just changing attitude.  Eventually once you build upon this foundation it is like a snowball effect and you can take on bigger things from the trust established with yourself.

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