What’s up guys, so I want to talk about helping yourself.  Helping yourself?  Yes, helping yourself.  Truth is no one cares if you succeed or fail.  Everyone is worried about how their promotion, if  their business is going to succeed, if they have enough to pay for that new car.  Helping yourself is the best thing you could ever do for yourself.  It starts with changing the way you see the world.  The truth is you can literally choose to see what it is that you want to see.   Think about it. What do you look for in each situation?  Does your way of thinking positively or negatively affect you?  Most of the time it is probably the latter. The fix is simple but not easy.  We are creatures of habit and this is for multiple reasons which I will get into later, but for now lets just say it is “safer” to not change.  However,  just bringing attention to it is the first step towards becoming more polarized.  Secondly, action of what we already know needs to happen.  This is the really hard part but it is where we must go if we want to help ourselves.  I’m not saying to be an optimist by any means, I’m simply saying to look at the situation in a way that is beneficial to you.

Great self improvement gurus and psychologists often expose this truth when they tell their audience to look around for a certain color and then close their eyes.  Every time this demonstration is done the thing color or object that the guru asked the audience to look for was often found.  This goes for everyday life as well.  A menial task such as cleaning your room could be looked at as negative:  Damn, I can’t remember the last time I cleaned this place, this is going to take all day.  You may discover that clothing article that you were looking for that you blamed your siblings about and now you feel bad about it.  Don’t forget about that half of a sandwich in the corner that you’ve been meaning to throw away from last week.  On the other hand, you could look at it as: I know that if I can’t handle something as simple as having my room together then how in the world can I handle anything outside that door?  Great! Now I can finally find my lucky socks!
Just a simple shift in what you are looking for makes all the difference.   After all no one truly knows the truth about what reality without filter, so hopefully you choose to interpret things the them in a way that will help you help yourself.

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