First Post: Breaking the Cycle

Hello all.  Welcome to my blog! I have been putting off making this blog for months now, but today I figured I would stop putting it off and get started.  Sometimes we direct our attention towards excuses instead of finding a way.  I am at work right now squeezing this one in as I type this.  We as people have the capability that to distinguish what is important, make decisions and reap the benefits or detriments of those choices.  When we want to get something done it can happen in the blink of an eye.  For example, how many times have we seen or actually done something the night before it was due, but had more than adequate time ahead before the day we knew it was due.

So basically I am using this to break the cycle! I am going to use this as a platform as a leverage tool.  This blog is going to be used to keep me accountable for life goals, fitness goals and business goals.  Also I think it would be pretty sick to use as a measuring stick to see where I was yesterday, a month from now and years from now.  Finally, this will be an outlet to share and brainstorm ideas and topics that are interesting to me at the moment.

I plan to update the blog on a weekly basis with new ideas, my training, books I am reading as well as different material.  Let me know if you have any suggestions that you guys would like to see me write about!

Peace, Akster20

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